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Trade & Press Spring Tasting 2013 at The Music Room Mayfair

With the sun finally shining after a long cold winter the Armit Wines Spring Tasting brought much needed warmth and excitement to the taste buds of a multitude of eager tasters!

Fabulous fruit display and delicious lunch from Cheese at Leadenhall
Our Desert Island Wine Event was a corker. We showcased 128 wines in five different sections. Find the full list here.

In 'Island Wines' we presented wines from Islands across the globe, Gusbourne and Wickham from the UK, Dowie Doole and our new agency Tahbilk (from the 1st May 2013) from Australia, Seresin, Borthwick, Bell Hill and Valli, a brand new addition to the Armit Wines portfolio, from New Zealand, Cantine Rallo from Sicily and Agricola Punica from Sardinia.

In our 'So Hot Right Now!' section we presented our brand new agencies Château Maris from Le Minervois and Tinto Negro from Mendoza amongst other fabulous new releases from wineries in France, Spain, Italy and Turkey!

The 'Treasure Chest' selection was a real treat! We featured a vertical tasting of La Rioja Alta 890 and 940 Gran Reservas along with Sassicaia 2000 and Ornellaia 2008 and lots more! Our guests also had the opportunity to try out our selection of olive oils from wineries including Seresin and Ornellaia, please do get in touch to find out more.

Far left: Sara Fogarty representing Seresin Estate

 "It’s always great to show off those wines which you have come to love over many years of getting to know them, but sometimes nothing beats the excitement of presenting new wines to the portfolio. This year proves how dedicated and successful Armit Wines has been at securing both high profile additions to our list and to innovation.  It was with enormous pride that we showed wines from Tahbilk (Armit Wines will be launching these on the 1st May), from the Nagambie Lakes, one of Australia’s most historic estates. Robert (Bertie, as many in the wine trade affectionately know him) Eden’s Château Maris has now taken pride of place among our South of France offering.  This fantastic biodynamic estate offers wines of real character and personality.  From Argentina we recently found Tinto Negro, the joint project of two ex Catena Zapata colleagues – we believe in years to come this will be of the best know estates specialising in Malbec.  
 To prove our commitment to innovation we have now added an Ice Cider from Quebec, Canada.  A wine of such incredible concentration and almost neon-like acidity, this is bound to prove popular amongst innovative sommeliers and independent wine merchants alike."
Andrew Johnson, Head of Retail and Wholesale
Treasure Chest Wines and the Armit Wines 8ft Palm Tree!

"My highlights included the gorgeous Cru Minervois from Château Maris, the beautifully textured 1927 Vine Marsanne from Tahbilk,  the rare and delicious Gusbourne Guinevere Chardonnay and the vivacious Valli Waitaki Pinot Noir."
Phil Weeks, Director of Sales Hotels and Restaurants

"Looking at it from the new wine angle, I thought Las Cuadras Blanco 2011stood out as exceptional value at £9.99 retail, and Tahbilk Viognier 2011 shows the winery doesn’t rest on it’s Marsanne-leaf laurels! Great tasting, excellent, spacious and relaxed atmosphere allowing the wines to “do the talking”. Great nosh too!"
Richard Volpi, Head of National Accounts

Our next big event will be our Annual Tasting in September, details to be announced soon...
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