Le Difese: Tenuta San Guido

The Tenuta San Guido estate is renowned for crafting Sassicaia, Italy's first and only single estate vinyard to be granted it's own apellation, DOC Bolghari Sassicaia. Born out of the ambition of Marchese Mario Incisa della Rocchetta to plant Bordeaux varieties in Tuscany, Sassicaia has paved the way for what is now known as the Super Tuscan. Following the success of Sassicaia, the estate has gone on to develop and introduce two additional wines to the brand; Guidalberto and Le Difese. 

Le Difese, 70% Cabernet and 30% Sangiovese, is a must have for all Super Tuscan lovers. It is an accessible and thrilling entrance to Super Tuscan wines, and thankfully is designed to be enjoyed straight away. It hails from outstanding pedigree and offers wonderful value for money. Le Difese maintains all of the flavour and depth you expect from a Super Tuscan and to put the theory to the test, I tasted the latest release, the 2015, last week.

Peppery, wild brambles and earthy hedgerows. Beautifully balanced, medium bodied and uttrly moreish. The wine, very much like the swine that adorns it's label, has a rich depth of flavour, strength and voracity and is rooted in tuscan tradition and terroir.  

When we talk about terroir — the natural environment that surrounds the vines and helps give life to the grapes. We usually talk about the soil, the other plants, the weather. Little, if ever, do we consider the wildlife and native animals that shape the habitat and unique biosphere surrounding the vines. I feel it is for this reason Tenuta San Guido have chosen the wild Boar or cinghiale as the emblem for Le Difese.     

For centuries, wild boar have wandered the dark woods and rough, piney mountains of Tuscany and each Autumn and Winter across the woods and hills, people go in persuit of the legendary cinghiale. Boar hunting is to the Italian nobility what fox hunting is to the British high society—an ancient sport that is very much about affirming tradition and cultural identity. 

Like the sport, Le Difese is invigorating, bold and fearless. The thrill of the pursuit wonderfully captured into each mouthful and the best part of all (if you are anything like me) is that there is no need to wait.

Enjoy in abundance. 

A round and delicious wine with bright fruit and fine tannins. Medium body, lovely flavors and a fresh finish. Blend of cabernet sauvignon and sangiovese. We will see how it ages but already beautiful.
91-92 Points, James Suckling

Dense and taut, with black currant, wild herb and earthy notes. The tannins are rustic, yet there is a lot of sweet fruit. Finishes long. Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese. Best from 2018 through 2024. 26,000 cases made.
90 Points, Wine Spectator

By Megan Parkinson
Marketing Executive.

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