Le Serre Nuove dell' Ornellaia 2014: The Ruby of Bolgheri

As the lofty tree top canopy of crimson and gold begins to drop it's jewel like leaves, and the frosty winds from the North descend on the London streets, thoughts turn to roaring fires and gathering friends and family around to gorge on the seasons finest foods. All this wouldn’t be complete without a sumptuous ruby red wine to wash it all down with. 

Last month, Armit Wines had the pleasure of presenting the first release of the 2015 vintage of Ornellaia Bianco and Le Serre Noueve to the UK market, during an exclusive launch tasting at M Restaurant, Victoria with Matteo Zannardello from the estate. 

2015 was a "textbook-perfect" growing season in and around Bolgheri and anticipations were high.
 “Le Serre Nuove dell’Ornellaia 2015 constitutes the perfect expression of an exceptional growing year, with a rare combination of ripeness, weight, and overall perfect balance of all its components. The colour betrays a youthful intensity, and the nose boasts rich, ripe, concentrated fruit backgrounded by elegant hints of spice and toasty oak. It is marked by a rounded, silky texture, magisterial balance, and by luscious fruit that progresses into a long-lived finish offering crisp hints of balsam, vibrant but utterly smooth.” 

says Axel Heinz, Ornellaia Director and Winemaker. 

Later that week, I had the pleaseure of sampling the Le Serre Nuove 2014. 2014 was a late vintage with a long period of ripening, giving the wine its lustrous ruby color of medium weight and intensity. The 2014 has a beautiful balance of intensity and youthful charm. Perfect for drinking now and with great aging potential. 

"On the nose it develops fresh crisp fruit aromas underpinned by fine notes of spice. The palate is of medium weight with notes of red berry fruit. The tannins are fine, silky and particularly polished. Soft and enveloping yet with a clean lively finish."

Axel Heinz, Ornellaia Director and Winemaker. 

It is rich and complex, yet delicate enough to pair with all of your favourite pizza and pasta dishes, that are often overpowered by bigger, bolder reds. When tasked with pairing Le Serre Nuove 2014 with a dish that would complement it perfectly, I looked to the tuscan classics. There is something to be said for flavours of foods and wines that have grown up together over the centuries. Tuscan recipes and Tuscan wines are almost always a natural fit.

I accompanied my Le Serre Nuove 2014 with a rustic Tuscan Pappardelle. Pappardelle is probably the quintessence of Tuscan comfort food. It is a traditional pasta dish, which differs from town to town, but has three essential ingredients: juicy, ripe tomatoes (preferrably San Marzano) salt and paper and a good glug of Tuscan olive oil. Unless, that is, you happen to live in the Tuscan foothills where tradition would dictate a homemade wild boar or hare ragu. 

Much like the Le Serre Nouve, the dish lets the character of the natural, local ingrediatents shine. Pure, simple, yet utterly delicious.  

By Megan Parkinson,
Marketing Executive.

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