Ornellaia 2012 - "L'Incanto" (The Enchantment)

"The 2012 growing season.. yielded this generous, full-bodied wine that is remarkably appealing and seductive. This is why we chose the word ‘L’incanto’ (The Enchantment) to describe this vintage of Ornellaia.”

Axel Heinz, Winemaker & Estate Director


To celebrate the release of each new vintage of Ornellaia, a contemporary artist of international renown is invited to interpret its unique character by creating both a site-specific art work and an exclusive series of 111 large size bottles as part of the Ornellaia Vendemmia d’Artista project. Sought after by collectors of contemporary art and fine wine, a selection of these exclusive bottles, with labels designed and personally signed by the artist, feature at special charity auctions overseen by the auctioneers Sotheby’s, with proceeds donated to Art foundations around the world.


Since the first event held at the Whitney Museum in New York, Ornellaia has raised over € 1 million to support Arts Foundations in Italy, United States, Germany, Hong Kong, Great Britain and Canada. In  2015, the Ornellaia Vendemmia d’Artista charity auction will take place in Basel, Switzerland to support the work of the Beyeler Foundation.


To interpret the unique character of ‘L’Incanto’ for Ornellaia 2012, Swiss artist John Armleder has been commissioned to create a site-specific artwork for the Ornellaia estate and an exclusive series of 111 bottle labels, individually signed, consisting of: 100 3-litre double-magnums, 10 6-litre Imperials, and a unique 9-litre Salmanazar. In addition, for the first time, the artist has created a special label for an individual 750-ml bottle of Ornellaia that will be included in every 6-bottle wood box.

Ornellaia 2012 L'Incanto In The Hand Of John Armleder 3 (media)


Born in 1948, John Armleder lives between Geneva and New York and is recognized as being one of the most important and influential Swiss artists of his generation. With his style and vocabulary, he has created over the years a universe of eclectic works ranging from painting, sculpture and performance. A fundamental element of his artistic research is the analysis of the context in which the works will be exhibited that becomes a central element of the creative process.

 “When I tasted Ornellaia 2012  for the first time I was immediately transported to a world of dreams. It was unexpected and surprising. A moment that can never be repeated. The image represents the surprise and pleasure I felt, and I want people to experience that feeling for themselves. When they discover the label for the first time that unique experience will become their own.”

John Armelder, Artist

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