Querciabella’s Chianti Classico Riserva 2013 - The Inside Scoop

“It will quickly advance to being their most important wine”

Walter Speller 

Sleeping peacefully in proprietor Sebastiano Castiglioni’s cellars are three vintages of his ground-breaking single-vineyard ‘Cru’ project.

These “highly distinctive Sangioveses” (Galloni) have been fastidiously crafted.  And they each hail from Querciabella’s unique plots within Chianti Classico’s communes: Greve in Chianti, Radda in Chianti and Gaiole in Chianti. 

Only 1000 bottles of each ‘Cru’ has been made and the plaudits from insiders lucky enough to have tasted them are quite simply spectacular:

Castiglioni has spared no expense and overlooked no detail in his quest to make the best wines possible. For that, he and his team more than deserve the huge acclaim that is sure to start coming their way very soon”. (Galloni)

Yet there is no current plan to release these astonishing wines.  As it stands, the Conzorzio that regulates the region’s wines and wine laws does not recognise Chianti’s individual communes for labelling purposes.  Essentially, there is no classification system that differentiates between a single-site wine (like in Barolo) or a blend of the whole Chianti Classico zone.


Sebastiano is adamant that his important wines will not be made available until they can be rightfully classified with their individual commune: an idea familiar with Burgundy lovers, such as Sebastiano, and a signal of his fanatical approach from vineyard to bottle.

Fortunately for us, however, we have Querciabella’s Riserva, which is the ultimate blend of these three fabled ‘Crus’. 

The 2013 Riserva, which we are offering this week, is only the second release of this wine.  And its pedigree is undeniable. 

It’s a little bit complicated (un Gran Confuzione!) to explain, but put simply, Querciabella’s Riserva is the most authentic expression of Chianti Classico you will find anywhere.   And, as Walter Speller suggests, it will soon become Querciabella’s “most important wine”. 

This is what Querciabella is all about:  they really are breaking new ground in Chianti and the results are worth every penny. 

Querciabella stands head and shoulders above any other estate in Chianti Classico. 

It’s as simple as that

Antonio Galloni

Edwina Watson, Buyer

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