London Sales

Our London Sales team offer a bespoke service to On and Off Trade clients ranging from many of the capital’s finest hotels and restaurants and to retailers and specialists.


Caroline Brangé
London Sales Manager

Caroline has worked in the wine industry for the past 10 years, spending 6 years as a sommelier in high end fine dining and in various roles at 22850 wine bar, before heading into a sales role at Flint Wines. With business owner parents, she has sales in her blood and inevitably fell back into sales. Caroline has a master degree in business management from a French business school and spent her 5 years of studying living all over the world in the Netherlands, the UK, Mexico City and various French cities before settling back in the UK in 2010. Her 4 years spent at Flint Wines helped her gain an in-depth knowledge of Burgundy and west American wine regions. Caroline needs a weekly Chardonnay fix and Sangiovese has yet to replace Pinot Noir on the shelves in her personal eurocave but our brand managers are working hard to change that!

Ruby Willis
Account Manager

Having spent too much time bunking off school as opposed to attending it, messing up her A Levels was the best thing to have happened. Having to reflect on what meant something to her at 19, booze was what came up trumps and so she found wine studies at Plumpton College. After 3 years and graduating with a Wine Business degree, she spent time in London with the independent shop Theatre of Wine and then on to Burgundy specialist Domaine Direct as an account manager before making the jump over to Armit where she knew her passion for Italian wines and culture could be nurtured.

Marco Fedele
Italian Specialist - London On Trade Senior Sales Representative

Marco’s love for wine started back in his hometown of Puglia in Italy where wine is a lifestyle which drove him to share his knowledge and passion over in the UK market. After living in Australia for a few years, he had the opportunity to taste some of the best new world wineries but his true love is for Italian wine. Marco has been in sales since 1996 and is a self-confessed wine and food lover due to his Italian roots.

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