Private Client Sales

The Armit Wines private clients team offer our customers a dedicated personal account management service with no additional fee. They will be your primary point of contact for all purchases, concerns or questions about wine investment and current wine market conditions.

The private wine sales team are continually working with their clients to develop and manage their wine collections. With an incredible passion for wine and an extensive knowledge of the Armit Wines portfolio and wider fine wine market, they are experts when it comes to knowing what to drink now and what to save for future enjoyment. The best way to demonstrate this is at one of our frequent dinners and tastings held throughout the year. They range from more formal dinners with winemakers to more informal Paulée style affairs.

Above all, we value personal relationships, and it is most important to us that you enjoy your experience of buying fine wine from Armit Wines.

Private Wine Sales Team

Peter Valiunas
Head of Private Clients

Peter has been with Armit since 2014 and transitioned into the world of fine wine after a career in the City. He has had a fondness for all things vinous from an early age, with a predilection for the Old World and Burgundy in particular. He was lucky enough to explore many of Burgundy’s cellars while living in Geneva in the early ‘90s and is agnostic on geography and grape variety when it comes to tasting - as long as a wine is well made and interesting!

In his spare time Peter loves to read and appreciate his wife’s fine cuisine - perhaps a bit too much!

Daniele Valoti
Private Client Account Manager

Daniele started with Armit in March 2017 after 5 years working as a restaurant manager and wine buyer with Salt Yard Group. After a successful completion of an LL.B in Law and Economics in Milan, he moved to London to pursue a Masters Degree in Finance in 2011. During the first month of his stay, Daniele got involved in the restaurant scene and found that a passion for wine and conviviality within the sector was a call that he couldn’t deny. Luckily, it suits him better, and makes him happier than the contrived world of Law. He hasn’t looked back since, and has instead delved deeper into the idiosyncratic world of wine. Outside of this, Daniele has a passion for Jazz, Classical and Electronic music, and he spends most of his spare time elaborating new culinary ideas.

William Russell
Private Client Account Manager

Following a Master’s degree in Shakespeare at University College London, William started his career with rare books and manuscripts. Whilst working in Hamburg, he discovered the fine wines of Germany, which led to Piedmont, Tuscany and Champagne. With his new-found passion, William joined the wine department at Christie’s, first as an intern and then as a business intelligence analyst. William joins Armit Wines following a year’s sojourn back in Germany, selling fine wines in Berlin. Currently studying for his WSET Diploma, William also holds a full motorcycle license and enjoys spending as much time as possible in the north of Scotland.

Contact any of our private client sales team today for your own primary contact when buying fine wine. Keen to explore our portfolio? Browse our carefully curated selection of fine wines online today.

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