Welcome to Bordeaux En Primeur 2020


More so than ever before, Armit Wines’ historical relationship with our négociants and producers proves to be indispensable. We are immensely grateful for countless barrel samples shipped to our Hammersmith office and the wealth of insight from the vignerons we work with, such as Omri Ram at Château Lafleur. We have now had the chance to taste hundreds of wines, some on multiple occasions, in order to provide our customers with an informed, honest and impartial assessment of the vintage and what to buy (or not!).

The highlights from our En Primeur tastings so far point to a charming and fruit-forward vintage, with freshness and an inherent drinkability at the forefront. We believe the 2020 vintage will offer a great deal of pleasure over the years to come – and in many cases, you will not have to wait a decade to open a bottle. With purity of fruit, ripe and balanced tannins, many of the best examples are deliciously forward-drinking, although there are of course the usual suspects which will reward time in the cellar.

Notably, production in 2020 is down by about 10% compared to the 2019 and 2018 harvests, which makes it one of the lowest yielding vintages in a decade. This, along with the widespread frost damage in 2021, may be cause for the Bordelaise to review their pricing. We sincerely hope, however, that it will be in line with the 2019s. The 2020 vintage also strikes us a little less homogeneous than in 2019, and we encourage you to pay particular attention to our recommendations, letting us guide you towards quality and value.

These are still early days as we continue to receive samples and await the much anticipated reviews and scores from the critics. We will be publishing a full vintage report, wishlist and pre-order form very soon. If you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact the team at clients@armitwines.co.uk


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