Château Lafleur 2020

Twenty-twenty was another outstanding vintage for the Guinaudeau family at Château Lafleur and it is with great pride that we present the new releases. The family has achieved something very special with their projects in Pomerol and Fronsac in recent years, reimagining what their celebrated properties can produce. As Omri Ram puts it, the 2020s are excellent wines but “they are the product of a tough childhood”. He opines that the 2020 vintage combines the best attributes of 2016 and 2018.

While Château Lafleur itself has always been lauded as one of the top wines made in Pomerol, it is in the 2020 releases of Château Grand Village, Les Perrières & Les Pensées de Lafleur that we see a new level of quality being achieved.

As always, the top wines will be available by allocation only and we recommend registering interest at your earliest convenience.


 Château Grand Village Blanc £166 per case of 12 bottles in bond   

 Les Champs Libres Blanc 2020 £145 per case of 3 bottles in bond   

 Château Grand Village Rouge 2020 £146 per case of 12 bottles in bond   
 Les Perrières 2020 £285 per case of 6 bottles in bond   
   Les Pensées 2020 £340 per case of 3 bottles in bond   
   Château Lafleur 2020 £1,580 per case of 3 bottles in bond   


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