The Collector's Series

At the heart of our business is a team of passionate wine lovers who help private customers build wine collections that will bring them many years of future pleasure. Judging what each individual’s requirements might be involves a balancing act between aspiration and reality. For some, admitting that a few too many bottles have been acquired can be hard to do, so, in order to help, we created our ‘Collector's Series’. A platform that allows riches found in private cellars to be shared more widely amongst other wine lovers and collectors.

Our Private Client team have assembled a tantalising array of outstanding wines over the course of the last several weeks, and in the days ahead, they will lay this out for you, one theme at a time. A roll-call of the best of the best.

Demand for these highly sought after wines is set to be extremely high, so please check with your account manager or email us to find the most up to date list of available wines and indeed to ensure you are one of the first to know each time a new theme is released.


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