In 1788 the first vine cuttings from the Cape of Good Hope arrived at the penal colony with the First Fleet. It took over 40 years successfully to launch domestic production but things moved on apace. Nowadays Australia is the world's fourth biggest exporter of wine with 60% of production going overseas.

There are over 60 designated wine making regions across the country, and a total of over 160,000 hectares under vine. The vineyards are predominantly, and unsurprisingly, found in the cooler southern parts of the country. The climate though is still a significant challenge with serious drought an ongoing problem and the risk of bushfires sweeping the land an ever present threat.

All the major varieties are grown, and a large factor in the country's boom and continued success is the predominance of clear, varietal labelling appealing to english and non-english speakers alike, in a very congested and sometimes baffling market.




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2009 Grange


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2009 Grange, Penfolds

Magnum 150cl £695.20



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Wines from Australia

Australian red wines, such as the 2013 G & T from McClaren Vale’s Dowie Doole show what the country can do. Tempranillo connoisseurs won’t be surprised by its vibrant bouquet of juicy raspberries, cherries and spice, but they may find it unexpected in an Australian wine.

Then again, neither is the unusually crisp 2014 Peace of Eden Riesling from St. John’s Road in the Eden Valley. Bright, lime-hued citrus fragrance and a strong Granny Smith flavour make this a Riesling with muscle, thousands of miles from its sweeter sisters.

Armit Wines has Australian wines from across the country’s diverse wine-growing regions. From reds to Australian sparkling wines, discover our full selection.

Australian wine regions

Home to the world-renowned Hardy and d’Arenburg estates, as well as many smaller boutique wineries, the McLaren Vale region is one of the foremost producers of Australian white wine – most notably Shiraz but also Grenache, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. A fine example is the 2015 Spitting Spider Chardonnay from Dowie Doole, an unusual unoaked Chardonnay with a full body and tones of white apricots and peaches.

The Nagambie Lakes region in Victoria gained official recognition as a viticultural sub region in 1993, and is one of only six wine-producing regions worldwide where the climate is strongly influenced by an inland body of water. Wines from Nagambie Lakes, like the 2011 Cane Cut Marsanne from Tahblik, with its opulent sweetness and lemony acidity, would be impossible without the system of lakes and lagoons linked by the Goulburn River.

Producers of Australian wine

In the 1990s, a group of the best growers in the Victoria region became frustrated at growing grapes for the world’s best wines and sending them to others to vinify. They brought winemaking in-house and the Dowie Doole brand was born. Run by Chris Thomas and famous for its Shiraz – like the 2013 Blood and Courage red, or even a sparkling Shiraz!

Dating back to 1860, Tahblik is one of the oldest-established wineries in Australia. With a cool climate ideal for northern European grapes like this 2014 Marsanne, it’s been in the hands of the Purbrick family since 1925.

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