Italian Portfolio 2021

A year ago, our Italian Portfolio Tasting was one of the last in-person wine events in London before the UK was placed into nationwide quarantine. Just a few months ago, Brexit became a harsh reality, hitting our industry hard again. But working with the team here at Armit and with all of you, our customers, I have been truly amazed by how resilient we have proven ourselves to be – and how lucky we are to have your continued support.

Over the last year we have seen the trade come together, adapt, and pull out every available stop to cope with the challenges we have faced. Now with vaccines rolling out in force, there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel. It is clear that the way we work has changed forever, but there are many opportunities here with an increased average spend on wine, a willingness to explore new regions and varieties, and a new direct contact with the consumer that has given us all valuable insights into the way people across the country enjoy wine.

It is comforting that, even under the conditions that the world has faced over the last year, the natural cycle of growth and harvest continues. Indeed, we have heard very promising news of the 2020 vintage from Italy, potentially exceptional. We look forward to sharing it with you as it arrives in the UK and looking back on this period as a challenge that we overcame together.


Brett Fleming
Managing Director

Romano dal Forno

Marchese Luca Spinola
Cantina Sociale Terre del Barolo
Giacomo Fenocchio
Davide Fregonese
Luca Roagna
Bruno Giacosa
Elio Grasso


Cantine Lunae

Tenuta San Guido
Michele Satta
Fattoria Le Pupille
Tua Rita
Il Marroneto

Agricola Tiberio



Agricola Punica

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