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Etienne Pochon makes his wines in the remarkable medieval cellars of the Château de Curson with care and precision. The wines are aged partly in demi muid and partly in stainless steel tanks, bottled early to capture all the freshness of their fruit. Along with a handful of other growers, the rather reserved Etienne Pochon has been instrumental in improving the quality and the image of Crozes-Hermitage and is producing some of the region’s finest and most elegant wines. In the late 80s, having studied as an agricultural engineer, Etienne Pochon converted the dungeons of his family’s fortified château into...

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a winery which received its first grapes in 1988. Until that point Etienne, like his father before him, had been a co-opérateur. His best vines are situated around the Château on the stony, infertile coteaux, from which he produces wine under the Château Curson label. Wine from the younger vines is labelled instead as Etienne Barret.

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7908 0600