Win a Free Meal Kit with Querciabella! Think Beyond Meat.

Querciabella and Armit have partnered with the Vurger Co to give 50 lucky customers a free meal kit when buying the Chianti Classico 2017. The first fifty customers to buy a case of Chianti, described as “bright, floral, and beautifully lifted” by Antonio Galloni, will receive a free DIY vegan burger kit. This has been tried and tested by our team and has been found to be absolutely delicious!

This may not be the first food pairing that comes to mind when opening a Chianti Classico but putting fine wine and comfort food together is a real treat – something we love doing! The food is so rich and full-flavoured that it stands up to some impressive wine, and in this case the brightness and freshness of the Chianti is perfect with a meaty, satisfying burger.

The first 50 customers to order will receive a code for a free New York Melt D.I.Y Vegan Burger Meal Kit for two to enjoy at home.

Querciabella Chianti Classico 2017

£138.50 for six bottles, including all taxes and delivery


Querciabella, one of the original Super Tuscans and home to the icons Camartina and Batàr, is also one of the most forward-thinking producers on the peninsula. Querciabella have been a driving force for sustainability throughout their history, which is now one of the hottest topics in the world of wine. At the heart of this approach is veganism, with numerous studies showing that reducing our consumption of animal products is the single biggest step we can take in counteracting climate change. Many producers use animal products when making wine: as fertilisers, glue on packaging, and especially during ‘fining’ – a clarification process that often includes compounds derived from eggs, milk, fish, or gelatine. The wines of Querciabella, however, have been 100% vegan since 2010 as no animal products are used during any phase of grape growing, wine making, or packaging. It is plant-based from grape to glass.

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