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Situated between Burgundy and Switzerland, the small vineyard of Jura stretches through the medieval towns of Arbois, Chateau Chalon and l’Etoile. This region, well known for its Comté, is home to an inimitable style of wines. While the vineyard shares similarities with Burgundy - a continental climate, limestone-rich soils and the burgundian grapes Chardonnay and Pinot Noir – it is their differences and contrasts that make Jura wines unique in France. The climate can be much more rigorous and contrasted than in Burgundy with very cold winters and hot summers. The plots, relatively distant from each other, lie at an...

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altitude of 250 to 500 metres between the plains of the Bresse region and the Jura Mountains, and are essentially made of marls. But Jura’s main characteristic lies in its local grapes varieties: Savagnin gives very distinctive white wines with a nutty and spicy character. Jura also produces light reds from Poulsard and deeper styles from Trousseau.

At last, the winemaking: barrel ageing is a specific art in Jura as the oak exalt the whites singularities. The Vin Jaune is a result of this particular ageing process where the wine is aged for at least six years under the flor.

Jura has other specialities: a light sparkling, Cremant du Jura; a desert wine made from dried grapes, Vin de Paille; and a liqueur wine, the MacVin. 

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