“Head turning… horizon altering” wines from Romano dal Forno: 2011 Amarone & Valpolicella

“They are generosity incarnate… pristine in style and subtle in grain

Andrew Jefford, Decanter

2011 Amarone della Valpolicella, 99 points

2011 Valpolicella Superiore, 96 points

Romano dal Forno is a prodigious name in Italian wine, often mentioned in the same breath as the likes of Giovanni Conterno and Bruno Giacosa. 

He helped pioneer a radical new way of making Amarone and Valpolicella from beyond the limits of the classico zone. By the mid-1990s, dal Forno’s intensely concentrated and highly evocative wines were turning heads.

Due to their small production, combined with a devoted following, Romano dal Forno’s Amarone and Valpolicella soon became some of the most sought-after, and difficult to find, wines of Italy. A fact that remains unchanged to this day.

In 2011, Romano and his sons have achieved yet another streak of brilliance in a vintage that was an unparalleled success for the family.

Dal Forno’s wines are widely regarded as the Veneto’s Holy Grail. Andrew Jefford recently noted following a visit to the winery in Illasi, “They are indeed singular — but magnificent: true nth degree wines of extraordinary consistency, with powerful and almost shattering personalities”. 

As with previous vintages, we expect to sell out quickly. If you love Italian wines of great originality, these 2011s from dal Forno are not to be missed.

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