Sassicaia 2016

“I find 2016 to be more elegant [than 2015] with more remarkable aromatic composition”
Marchese Nicolò Incisa della Rocchetta

Tenuta San Guido consists of 3 elements, the Razza Dormello-Ogliata stud farm, the Padule di Bolgheri bird sanctuary, and most famously of all, the Sassicaia wine estate. The Incisa family first planted Cabernet Sauvignon in 1942 and is now the only wine estate in Italy to have been given its own DOC, Bolgheri Sassicaia, where they produce a truly iconic wine. Sassicaia 2015 was named “wine of the year” by The Wine Spectator in acknowledgement of the outstanding achievements at the estate over the last half century of commercial releases. As the UK agent for Tenuta San Guido it is our pleasure to announce the release of 2016 Sassicaia, 2017 Guidalberto and 2017 Le Difese.

Please note: we have now sold out of Sassicaia 2016 and Guidalberto 2017.
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