2006 Ermitage Blanc L'Ermite

Chapoutier, Rhone, France

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Bottle 75cl

Case of 6 x 75cl £2,536.08

Tasting Notes

This wine is made from a selection of Chapoutier¿s oldest Marsanne(some more than 100 years old) situated at the top of the Hermitage hill,behind the chapel, in a place named the Ermite with very poor granitic andshallow soils where there is no alluvium deposited by the Rhône River.The very poor, granite soil therefore yields powerful, more austere winesthan those from Ermitage in the other selections. This is the most structuredof Michel¿s white Hermitage and the rarest of all his wines. It shows greatelegance and intense minerality typical of concentrated Marsanne.

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Rhone, France



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