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How much is your delivery charge?

All online orders over £100 receive FREE delivery to Mainland UK addresses. Orders below this value or not placed online must pay a delivery charge of £15. Delivery is made Monday-Friday (we do not offer weekend delivery).  Delivery times and charges for other areas, including the Scottish Isles and Northern Ireland, are available on request. We offer an export service; please contact our Operations team for details.

What is En Primeur?

“En Primeur” is a French wine trade term for wine which is sold as a ‘future’, i.e. before it is bottled – usually one or two years after the En Primeur offer. The most important annual offerings come from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Italy and the Rhône.  For many wines, and certainly for the most sought-after, the En Primeur price is the cheapest way of securing the wines you want.
Customers pay the opening price as soon as the offer is made and the wine is then shipped 2-3 years later.  Once you have paid the additional costs of duty and VAT (at the prevailing rates), you can take delivery of your order.

What does In Bond or Under Bond mean?

This refers to wine that is bought without paying the UK Duty levied by Customs and Excise. This wine can be bought, sold and delivered to other Bonded warehouses but not delivered to a private address until the Duty and VAT have been paid (at the prevailing rates).

What is Duty Paid wine?

This refers to wine that has had UK Duty and VAT paid, (at the prevailing rates). This means that the wine cannot subsequently be sold In Bond.

What is Terroir?

The combination of soil, site and climate – vital factors which give a unique quality and style to the wine year after year, regardless of vintage, viticultural and vinification methods.

How soon can I take delivery of my wine?

We aim to deliver to mainland UK addresses within 5 working days. Deliveries to more remote areas, such as the Highlands of Scotland, may take a little longer and we will contact you to confirm the delivery date. If you wish to export your wine, we will need to obtain a quote for shipping charges and expected dates from our shippers, which we will then confirm to you.

Why is some wine so expensive?

Wine is made in a variety of ways: some of it is made in large vineyards, with a fully automated picking and vinification process. These wines are made for a mass market and although they may be “well-made” they are not of high quality. At the other end of the scale some wines are made from very low yielding vines, entirely picked by hand, vinified and bottled by hand, perhaps aged in oak barrels and matured before being released onto the market in tiny quantities. These wines are made to be highly individual and can be of very high quality. The most sought-after wines can ask a higher price, as demand is high.

How much should I spend?

This depends on whether you want wine for everyday drinking or wine to keep for several years. If you are unsure then do give our sales department a call and they will be happy to advise you. Call us on 020 7908 0660.

What am I getting for my money?

One point to bear in mind when buying wine is the amount represented by UK Duty (see current rates). Duty is charged at a standard rate and VAT is added to the original In Bond Purchase price and the Duty. Wine can be expensive to produce -  tending the vines, harvesting, vinification, maturation and cellaring, labelling, marketing and shipping - so bear in mind that if you are aiming to spend less than £5.00 a bottle you are paying a lot of Duty in proportion to your wine! If you are spending £15.00 a bottle you are proportionately getting much more wine for your money. Spending a bit more will usually get you better value for money, although wines made in tiny quantities, or highly sought after wines may be charging a premium because of the quality and/or demand.