Our Values

Armit Wines is one of the UK's leading Fine Wine Merchants. We are the importer of some of the most iconic wineries in the world, and we have a special talent in discovering the wine stars of the future.

Personality, Passion and Personal Relationships are our DNA:
It is how we support our customers; It is how we manage our agencies;
It is how we scout and nurture new producers;
It is how we describe our colleagues.

Since its inception in 1988, Armit Wines has never been afraid to break the mould. Our founder, John Armit, played a key role in transforming how the wine industry operates, pioneering the practice of buying directly from producers and building long standing relationships. John’s passion and legacy are still at the heart of the Armit Wines business, and the portfolio continues to grow with exciting additions from around the world.

At Armit Wines, we are extremely proud to represent some of the world’s most iconic producers, with whom we have relationship going back decades. At the same time, we aim to service the ever-changing needs of our clients and nurture the superstars of tomorrow.

Our portfolio it is testament of our values – we like to think about it as a jewellery box rather than a vault.

Not every wine needs to be preserved for a grand occasion but each one is: representative of our passion for wine, a testament of our personal relationship with the producers, the distillate of their personality.

Our unique, multi-channel approach offers our producers an unparalleled reach across all sector of the UK wine trade. The close relationship we have with our producers and clients and our passionate and talented team allow Armit Wines to deliver on our agencies’ goals and aspirations.

Our producers, our clients and our colleagues makes us who we are.


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