Wine Broking and Customer Listing Service

If you decide to sell your wine, Armit Wines can offer the wine for sale on a broking basis. We offer this service to our existing clients at an agreed price and at an agreed fee (usually 10%) payable upon its sale. If your wine does not sell, there is no fee due. 

We offer one of the most competitive wine broking and customer listings services in the UK. Due to our history of exclusively importing a number of fine wines from around the world for 30 years, we have access to a wide pool of the world’s leading fine wines in our customers reserves, and a customer base which wishes to trade some of what they have purchased or take the opportunity to purchase more, especially older, rarer and more mature wines, for their own enjoyment.

Please email us if you wish to discuss our wine broking and customer listing service in more detail.


Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7908 0655