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It is your responsibility to check the Goods on or as soon as reasonably possible after their delivery to you.

Any broken, damaged, missing or incorrect products should be:

Reported to the carrier and noted on the delivery note and/or the carrier’s electronic handheld device at the time of delivery; or, if that is not possible

Reported to us by telephone or in writing as soon as reasonably possible.

We shall be entitled to reject any claim for broken or damaged products, incorrect quantities or incorrect products if you do not notify us of it as soon as reasonably possible and within 7 days after the day of delivery at the latest.

If any of the Goods are believed to be unsatisfactory, please retain them and let us know as soon as reasonably possible by telephone or in writing.  If we are satisfied that the Goods were unsatisfactory at the time of delivery, we will replace them.  If replacement is not reasonably possible, we will make an appropriate refund or credit to you.  We reserve the right to collect the relevant Goods at our own expense.  These Terms will apply to any replacement Goods we supply to you.

So please contact us at or phone us on +44 (0) 20 7908 0655