Wine Storage

Where your wine lies today will most definitely decide its future. The world’s finest wines inevitably come from the world’s finest wine cellars.

Correct wine storage for a fine wine is one of the most difficult things to find, simply because the optimum conditions required to protect and mature wine to perfection are exceptionally difficult to produce, and then to maintain artificially. Although many people are aware of the importance of wine storage conditions, they are often unaware of just how difficult those conditions are to provide.

Even subtle or short term changes in humidity and temperature, or the presence of vibration or ultraviolet light, can bruise a fine wine beyond repair.

Wine Storage Options

We are delighted to offer our clients a choice of two world class and state-of-the-art storage facilities with our partners at Colerne Reserve (part of Octavian Group) and Vinothèque (part of London City Bond).

Our long standing Armit Wines clients will know that the second storage option at Vinothèque has been offered only recently, since 2010. This is simply because we want to be able to offer our customers a less expensive solution, should they prefer it.

Premium, longer term storage is still available at Colerne Reserve and the expert knowledge in the handling of fine wines in storage by the team at Octavian is reflected in both the rental and RH&D price (goods in charge).

For the full breakdown of all charges, please email us

Rental Charges

We will charge you a fee for storage on an annual basis. Our current rates are as follows:

Colerne Reserve (fixed until March 2018)

Litre Cases Litre/year ex VAT 9L case inc VAT
0-45 0-5 125p 13.50 GBP
46-450 6-50 121p 13.07 GBP
451-1800 51-200 118p 12.74 GBP
1801-4500 201-500 112p 12.09 GBP
4500+ 500+ 98p 10.58 GBP

Vinothèque (fixed until March 2018)

  Litre/year ex VAT 9L case
Flat rate 105p 9.45 GBP ex VAT
11.34 GBP inc VAT

Receipt, Handling & Labelling

Wine Cellars  Price per Litre (ex VAT) Price per 9L Case (ex VAT) Price per 9L Case per Year (inc VAT)
Octavian 127.78p £11.50 £13.80
Vinothèque 116.67p £10.50 £12.60

Pro Rata Insurance and Storage

Charged from month of arrival until 31st March 2018 at the appropriate pro-rata rate.

Current Duty Rates

Still Wine (5.5% - 15%): £25.92 per 9L case, £2.16 per bottle 

Sparkling Wine (8.5% - 15%): £33.24 per 9L case, £2.77 per bottle

Fortified Wine (15% - 22%): £34.68 per 9L case, £2.89 per bottle


On your wines arrival in our partner warehouse, we charge a receipt, handling and pro-rata rental fee for the remaining year’s insurance of your wine. We will also provide a condition photograph of your wine for validation purposes.

Please note that we require you to advise us in writing or email, which wines you wish to store with us, prior to their arrival in our partner warehouses. Photos confirming the wines condition should be checked for accuracy and acceptance. Where this is not done, Armit Wines cannot accept liability for errors, loss or damage of your stock on its receipt.

Our customers stock, which can be stored either In Bond or Duty Paid, is personally labelled and completely secure. If you already have a customer reserve holding with us and would like to arrange a visit, please contact our customer reserves team on 020 7908 0630. If you wish to transfer your collection to us or are considering starting one, then we would be pleased to hear from you

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7908 0655