Professional Wine Storage


Ensuring your fine wine is correctly stored is one of the most challenging aspects of investment or maturation of fine wine. Allowing your wines to mature enables their excellence to be showcased as they are drunk but only if stored correctly. The intrinsic value is not only in their scarcity, but provenance as how they have also been looked after greatly effects their value. Optimum wine storage temperatures and humidity conditions that are required to protect and mature wine are exceptionally difficult to produce and maintain artificially. Engaging specialist warehousing is highly recommended and available through Armit Wines.


As a leading wine merchant and expert wine storage company, Armit Wines is able to offer professional wine storage services that require the utmost care when storing their fine wine selections. We are delighted to offer our clients a choice of two world class and state-of-the-art off site wine storage facilities with our partners at Colerne Reserve (part of Octavian Group) and Vinothèque (part of London City Bond).

Please note that we no longer offer storage in Hong Kong.

 For the full breakdown of all charges, please email us.


We will charge you a fee for storage in advance on an annual basis from 1st April to 31st March. Wines that are received during the year will be charged on a pro rata basis for the number of months remaining in the year. Credits are not available for wines withdrawn during the year.

Our current wine storage rates are as follows and are based on a charge per litre on a sliding scale based on volume stored. Each Customer account will be charged individually, if you have more than one account then your accounts will be calculated independently, not in aggregate.

From 1st April 2021 we will be introducing a minimum charge for storing with us of £13.72 inc VAT, which is equivalent to 1 x 9 litre case.

Litre Cases Litre/year ex VAT 9L case inc VAT
0-90 0-10 1.27 GBP 13.72 GBP
91-450 11-50 1.25 GBP 13.50 GBP
451-2700 51-300 1.22 GBP 13.18 GBP
2701-4500 301-500 1.18 GBP 12.74 GBP
4500+ 500+ 1.10 GBP 11.88 GBP


If you wish to transfer your wine from other storage facilities into one of our Partner facilities then the applicable fees for receipt, handling and labelling (“RHL”) are below in addition to the pro rata storage charge. This RHL charge does not apply to wines that you bought from Armit Wines Limited. 

12 bottle case per annum £13.80 inc VAT

6 bottle case per annum £6.90 inc VAT

Prior to their arrival, we do require you to advise us in writing or email, which wines you wish to store with us at our off site wine storage facilities. If you would like us to take photos of the wines upon receipt for you then we can arrange this at a charge of £12.30 exc VAT (£14.76 inc VAT) per case. Photos confirming the wines condition should be checked by you for accuracy and acceptability. Without these measures, Armit Wines cannot accept liability for errors, loss or damage of your stock on its receipt.

Please note that we cannot be held responsible for the quality of any wines which have not been bought from Armit Wines Limited.


Wine deliveries from your Personal Reserve will be charged at the rate of £15 inc VAT for 5 cases or less. Larger wine and champagne deliveries from reserves are charge on a quotation basis, dependent upon the number of cases and the delivery address. For more information on our customer wine delivery service, please contact the reserves team for more details on

For wines stored under bond you are also required to pay duty and VAT at the prevailing rate on the original purchase price of the wine. Your wines will not be delivered until Duty and VAT have been paid. When asking for delivery we require written or e-mailed confirmation.


Still Wine (5.5% - 15%): £26.76 per 9L case, £2.23 per bottle

Sparkling Wine (8.5% - 15%): £34.32 per 9L case, £2.86 per bottle

Fortified Wine (15% - 22%): £34.68 per 9L case, £2.89 per bottle

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