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En PrimeurLafleur 2021

“We hold a unique and rare position in the Bordeaux landscape. Above all we are vignerons, present throughout the year in our vineyards and cellars” Jacques Guinaudeau

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The 2021A Vigneron's vintage

The 2021 vintage may not have been an easy one in Bordeaux, but those estates that could anticipate what mother nature would throw at them were best able to produce great wine. The team at Château Lafleur, now twenty people strong, was well-placed to achieve exactly this. In his introduction to the vintage, Jacques Guinaudeau, the estate’s patriarch, writes: “I would like to pay an immense tribute to the entire team at Lafleur. Their labour and efforts are the base of this beautiful 2021 vintage.”

The 2021Explore the range

As Vignerons in the truest sense of the word, the Guinaudeau family used the challenges of 2021 to display the depth of their understanding of the vineyards. They timed all their work to maximise the advantages of the unique genetic stock, their respective locations, and minimising the presence of difficulties and their impact. The flexibility this gives is perhaps best displayed by the ability to harvest all the Bouchet at Lafleur in a single day, October 2nd, when the grapes achieved optimal maturity. This resulted in wines with a fantastic floral character and beautifully ripe tannins.

We welcome the new vintage from the Guinaudeau family and invite you to share in these exemplary offerings. 
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Wines from Château Lafleur have extremely high demand and are sold strictly on allocation only. Please contact your account manager at your earliest convenience.