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Lafite has had a complicated history since its first recorded reference in 1234. Initially owned by Abbot Gombaut de Lafite, passing to the Segur family in the 17th century and then split by inheritance. In 1784 Lafite was sold to Nicholas Pierre de Pichard who was executed in 1794, passing the property into the hands of Dutch stewards. In 1818 the Vanlerberghe family took ownership, and then in 1868 the Rothschild family acquired the property. Aside from a period during the second world war when the property was requisitioned and put into public administration, the property has remained with the...

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Rothschild family ever since.

From 1973 Baron Eric, following in the rejuvenating footsteps of Baron Elie began a programme of concerted replanting and restoration. Alongside the overhaul in the cellars and vineyards, in 1985 he commissioned contemporary photographers to capture the Chateau on film.

Today under the direction of Eric de Rothschild, Lafite has an unrivalled reputation the world over and commands the highest ever recorded prices. Both Lafite and Duhart Milon are managed by the same team, in place since 1962, headed by technical director Charles Chevallier. His strict control and attention to detail have created a style of wine at Lafite that is softer and arguably more seductive than Latour or Mouton. The unique terroir of the 178 hectares in the north of Pauillac, the largest of the premiers crus, has contributed to a series of outstanding vintages over the last decade.

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