International Women's Day 2018: Celebrating Women In Wine

Women in Wine.

It’s a sparkling time to be a woman in the wine trade, and for International Women's Day 2018, we would like to raise our glasses to celebrate the pioneering women we are proud to represent at Armit Wines.

While we know that gender parity won't happen overnight, we are proud to represent a healthy quota of wonderful women who are making waves in the wine industry. It seems that there is a significant shift towards game-changing women in the wine industry, as the younger generations rise through the ranks taking the reins of some of the world’s most prestigious and historical estates, setting an example for aspiring young women.  

Armit Wines - Kirsten Kilby

Kirsten comes to Armit on the back of over 15 years working with International luxury brands, most recently at heritage wine merchants Berry Bros. & Rudd. Starting her vinous life in Marketing and moving into General Management, Kirsten quickly became captivated by the way relationships are cultivated in wine, and the constant innovation - despite the age of the trade itself. Kirsten has a keen eye for brand and product positioning through a strategic, fully integrated approach, generating revenue growth and brand awareness. 

Gaja - Gaja Gaja

After joining her Father in managing the estate, Gaja Gaja has become one of the world’s wine icons. Fames for being the trend setter rather than the follower with a controversial winery bucking “traditional wisdom” famously declassifying their Barbaresco from DOCG status simply because the rules don’t fit what they believe is the best way to make their wine. With a nifty slight of tongue, Gaja, refers to this as a reclassification. Gaja has passion, focus, and is continuously pushing the boundaries. 

Tenuta San Guido - Priscilla Incisa della Rocchetta

Tenuta San Guido’s Priscilla Incisa della Rocchetta – mother of two, travels the world to represent Tenuta San Guido, the wine estate that her grandfather put on the world map after realising his dream of creating a 'thoroughbred' Bordeaux-style wine in Bolgheri. Priscilla works tirelessly with her father to ensure that the wine is produced to the highest quality possible and is fiercely protective of the reputation of the estate. 

Tenuta Musella – Maddalena Pasqua Di Bisceglie

The charming Maddalena Pasqua di Bisceglie is an ardent protector and promoter of her vineyards, located on the hills of San Martino Buon Albergo, one of the most beautiful estates of the Veneto region. Her infectious enthusiasm and passion for viticulture has led the winery to become biodynamically certified. Since 2008, The estate is in the process of converting to biodynamics under Maddalena's supervision. Pasqua’s meticulous work and dedication has propelled Tenuta Musella amongst the top wine estates in the world. It’s obvious to the contented band of devotees who have followed the estate over the years that the wines are becoming even brighter, more vibrant and pure as a result of her passion for precision.

Fattoria Le Pupille - "The Lady of Morellino" Elisabetta Geppetti

They call her the Lady of Morellino and the Ambassador of Maremma. She has been the first woman to be the president of a consortium in 1992, year of foundation of the Morellino di Scansano Consortium. The german headliner Der Feinschmecker proclaimed her ‘Wine-maker of the year’ a few years back.

“I understood that I wanted to make wine at the age of 20, during one of the many harvests in the family estate. I have inherited my love for wine from my grandfather, but then a passion grows through its own channels. I wanted to make great wines and I wanted to do it here, in this beloved land. Then with time I felt that everyone, including myself, is the product of our land and since then I understood that wine is, and has to be, bonded with the history of the men who live here, it has to converse and grow with them. This land is my choice of life, as making wine has always been my profession.”

Eichner - Britdgt Eichenger  

Birgit Eichinger, as a winemaker, exercises great care, consistency and flair, while being deeply rooted in her homeland – the Kamp Valley. Her wines are the embodiment of elegance and strong character. Great wines are close to Birgit’s mind and heart. She stands for progress not stagnation and individualism instead of mainstream. She finds her inspiration and support from her husband, Christian and daughter, Gloria.

Success requires space for growth. Since it’s beginnings in 1992, the winery has enjoyed continuous growth and currently boasts a total 15 hectares of prime Kamptaler vineyards. She is also a member of the renowned close-knit network of '11 winemaker women’. The network enables them to exchange know-how and experiences. They push each other to their limits and to think outside the box, setting cutting-edge standards in vinification. As an added the bonus, they have all become great friends. She is also a member of the eminent ‚Österreichische Traditionsweingüter’ (ÖTW). The ÖTW is a union of some of Austria’s best wineries, which classify their vineyards and have created the first catalogue of prime sites ‚Erste Lagen.

By Megan parkinson
Marketing Executive

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