New Release: Elio Grasso, Monforte d'Alba

We are proud to introduce the latest addition to our portfolio, Elio Grasso, of Monforte d'Alba.

Elio Grasso is very much a family affair and tradition is a strong theme with the Grasso Family. The cellar uses only estate-grown grapes from varieties traditionally grown in the Langhe hill country near Alba. Led by Elio Grasso and supported by wife Marina and their son Gianluca, they strive to give their wines their own unique personality. Their domaine is now famous across the world yet they treat everyone that walks through their doors as though they are their very first customer. They set a great example for how special the wine industry can be.

Once a roman settlement, Monforte d’Alba is well established as one of the great capitals of Barolo in Italy. Spread over 18 hectares in this picturesque area, is now the domaine of Elio Grasso.

The focus of Elio is foremost as a grape-grower. This is reflected in their decision to vinify and bottle each individual vineyard separately, keeping the quality of the soils intact. Sticking to traditional varietals (BarberaDolcetto and Nebbiolo). The cellar is truly incredible - dug into the mountain to aid in temperature control. This provides ample storage for the 85 000 bottles produced each year.

Once wines are bottled, they will rest in the cellar for a couple of years before release. Whilst Grasso wines are enjoyable when still young, they exhibit excellent potential for aging. Grasso’s Barolo wines offerd some exceptional value for money when compared to his peers. The strong respect for tradition is met with new winemaking techniques, creating a style that is halfway between modern and traditional.

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