2009 Vosne Romanée 1er Cru Les Suchots

Arnoux-Lachaux, Burgundy & Chablis Wine Region, France

Pinot noir, Drinking Now 2028


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Bottle 75cl

Case of 6 x 75cl £6,256.08

Tasting Notes

There is a grandeur to this Suchots that reflects its status as one of the greatest wines of Vosne Romanée, Grand Crus included. Pascal¿s parcel is in the perfect spot in the upper section and this great location, combined with old vines and Pascal¿s know-how are an irrepressive combination. On the nose, there is a confidence and assuredness, not the flamboyance perhaps of the Reignots today but something far more measured and stately. On the palate, the fireworks really begin with creamy liqueur fruit and silky glossy textures that again demonstrate the quality of the tannins.

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Burgundy & Chablis Wine Region, France


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