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Historically one of the great wine producing regions of Italy, Campania is home to the imperial grand cru Falernian and was once regarded as 'the vineyard of the Romans. Under prolonged patronage from the Papal court, Campania flourished, with many regarding its wines as the nearest thing to nectar that it was possible to find. But as the temporal influence of the Papacy declined in Italy from the late 19th century, the region fell into a long period of decline, which was arrested only in the early 1990s. Since then, a new generation of growers, galvanised by international competition and aware the the enormous unfulfilled potential of their vineyards, has begun to produce truly exciting wines. At the centre of this rinascimento is the village of Taurasi in the province of Avellino; it achieved DOCG status in 1993 and few today would dispute its credentials as the leader of the region's recovery.


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