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After World War One, Paul Roulot started to piece the Domaine together, purchasing small parcels of land, a process accelerated by his son Guy, until his tragically early death in 1982. It is Guy who must take most of the credit for creating the Domaine as we know it today. In addition to his astute purchases, he had also married a member of the Coche family, thereby adding further holdings in Meursault, Auxey-Duresses and Monthélie. At the time of his death though, their son Jean-Marc was working as an actor so various winemakers stepped in until Jean-Marc returned in 1988....

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Since then, he has committed himself to the Domaine and has raised it to new heights, reaching the point today where it is regarded amongst the top producers in Meursault. Without question, Jean-Marc is now producing wine that is the equal of anyone in the Côte. With Jean-Marc’s careful attention to detail, strict control of yield and love for precision and purity, a tasting here is truly revelatory.

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