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Established in 2000 as a project to produce optimum wines from the natural resources of Bierzo, Dominio de Tares have carried out extensive research and vineyard analysis in conjunction with the University of León in order to maximise potential of this unique terroir. Benefitting from tremendous diversity of soil types including sandy, slate and limestone, and harnessing these plots to their advantage, the work at Dominio de Tares and their sister winery Dominio Dostares is labour intensive. From rigorous hand-selection and picking, to separate vinification of the grapes from each individual plots, the wines boast complexity, elegance and a great...

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potential to age. The predominant grape varieties grown by the two wineries are Mencía and Prieto Picudo for the red varietals and Godello for the white. With vines ranging from 40-90 years in age, nutrient poor soil and traditional bush training, the grapes grown are intensely concentrated and produce wines of outstanding quality.

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