Storing your wine with us

Storage Options

We are pleased to be able to offer our clients a choice of two world class storage facilities: Colerne Reserve (part of Octavian Group) or Vinothèque (part of London City Bond).

Long standing clients will know that the second storage option at Vinothèque has been offered since 2010. This is not because we are unhappy with our Octavian warehouse, but there has long been a demand for a less expensive solution. Premium, long term storage is still available at Colerne Reserve. The corresponding extra effort in terms of expert knowledge and handling of goods at Octavian is reflected both in the rental and RH&D price (goods in charge). For the full breakdown of charges, please click here.

Rental Charges

We will charge you a fee for storage on an annual basis. Our current rates are as follows:

Colerne Reserve (fixed until March 2017)

Litre Cases Litre/year ex VAT 9L case inc VAT
0-45 0-5 125p 13.50 GBP
46-450 6-50 121p 13.07 GBP
451-1800 51-200 118p 12.74 GBP
1801-4500 201-500 112p 12.09 GBP
4500+ 500+ 98p 10.58 GBP

Vinothèque (fixed until March 2017)

  Litre/year ex VAT 9L case
Flat rate 105p 9.45 GBP ex VAT
11.34 GBP inc VAT

Receipt, Handling & Labelling

Wine Cellars  Price per Litre (ex VAT) Price per 9L Case (ex VAT) Price per 9L Case per Year (inc VAT)
Octavian 127.78p £11.50 £13.80
Vinothèque 116.67p £10.50 £12.60

Pro Rata Insurance and Storage

Charged from month of arrival until 31st March 2017 at the appropriate pro-rata rate.

Current Duty Rates

Still Wine (5.5% - 15%): £25.92 per 9L case, £2.16 per bottle 

Sparkling Wine (8.5% - 15%): £33.24 per 9L case, £2.77 per bottle

Fortified Wine (15% - 22%): £34.68 per 9L case, £2.89 per bottle


On arrival, we charge receipt, handling and a pro-rata rental fee for the remaining year’s insurance for your wine. We will also provide a condition photograph of your wine for validation purposes. Wines to be stored should be advised, in writing/e-mail, before arriving at the warehouse. Condition photos should be checked for accuracy. Where this is not done, Armit Wines cannot accept liability for errors, loss or damage on receipt.

Customer stock, which can be stored either In Bond or Duty Paid, is fully labelled and completely secure. If you already have a Reserve Holding with us and would like to arrange a visit, then please contact the Reserves team on 020 7908 0630. If you wish to transfer your collection to us or are considering starting one, then we would be pleased to hear from you.

Buying wines In Bond

Wines bought In Bond have not yet had the Duty and VAT paid on them. They must be stored in a Bonded warehouse approved by HM Customs & Excise. The wine will become liable to Duty and VAT which will be invoiced (at the prevailing rates) when despatched from the warehouse unless it is transferred to another approved Bonded facility. The majority of our wines can be purchased In Bond.

Why Buy In Bond?

You do not have to pay the Duty and VAT. If you sell the wine at a later date In Bond, you will still not have to pay these charges. Wines stored In Bond are more attractive to prospective buyers, be they merchants or private individuals. The provenance is easier to trace if a wine has been kept In Bond which is another critical factor should you wish to sell.

Our Portfolio Management Service

Our portfolio management service, which is free for Armit Wine’ top customers, is dedicated to helping you manage your wine collection, be it for investment or drinking purposes. The service can be tailored to suit your specific requirements but primarily involves the following:

  • From an investment perspective: We will monitor the performance of your cellar, advising you of wines that may no longer be suitable for investment or have already reached their optimum value and putting you in touch with your wine advisor who can discuss an alternative investment wine with you.
  • From a drinking perspective: We will monitor the maturity of your cellar regularly to see if there are any wines that need drinking.
  • Reporting: A current market valuation of your portfolio will be sent to you on a quarterly basis, including up-to-date drinking dates for top wines.
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