Wine Provenance

With fine wine, provenance is extremely important. Particularly because fine wines tend to be stored for many years and often decades before they reach anticipated maturity and their optimum drinking window. A wine’s history, its source and the reputation of where it has been stored all have a significant impact on how enjoyable the final product will be, as well as how valuable the product is.

Reliability of service and supply are absolutely crucial when it comes to wine provenance. We are fortunate at Armit wines to be the exclusive importer to the UK for a variety of fine wines and this ensures that we are able to offer these wines for sale with impeccable provenance and knowledge that the wines have been shipped and stored under state-of-the-art temperature and movement controlled conditions.

Wines that we purchase from other sources, namely trusted suppliers and other merchants – not directly from the wine estate which produced them – are always carefully and rigorously checked, even though we know that these trusted suppliers share our philosophy.

We are delighted to be able to offer our clients a choice of two world class storage facilities: Colerne Reserve (part of Octavian Group) or Vinothèque (part of London City Bond). Read more about our wine storage options.

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