A Journey Through Giacomo Fenocchio's Catalogue

 We recently had the pleasure of tasting some of Giacomo Fenocchio’s wines. Fenocchio produces some brilliant examples of Barolo wine; in particular his single crus offering the drinker a chance to explore some of the finest vineyards in the area. His Riservas are even more special and fall into the category of exceptional wines from the famed region.

Barolo wines are increasingly popular and in fashion at the moment. The region provides arguably the greatest wines made from the Nebbiolo grape variety in Piemonte. Traditionally they tend to be powerful and intense, demanding patience with a long ageing process required to allow the rich tannins soften. We knew tasting these wines would offer a glimpse of their potential, providing a snapshot if you’d like of their youth.

Fenocchio wines fall into that rare category where excellence and value are paired together much to the delight of the drinker. We tried three different single cru Barolos (Bussia, Villero and Cannubi) from the 2008 vintage. The Bussiashowed particularly well with a very approachable character at this young stage. The Villero and Cannubi both showed great potential, hinting at complexity whilst showing a reluctance to open up in their infancy.

The highlight of the tasting was the Barolo Riserva Bussia 2006. The nose contained notes of rhubarb and spring floral bouquets intertwining with hints of dark cherry, spice and sandalwood. The impressively structured palate is formed by a backbone of black and red berry compote wrapped around orange flavoured dark chocolate and savoury notes of forest floor that I suspect will soften over time. The long finish is complex and layered with notes of slate, dried herbs and dark earth transporting you to the steep slopes of Bussia. A truly spectacular effort from the Fenocchio estate.
The tasting also featured Fenocchio’s Barbera d’Alba 2010 and Dolcetto d’Alba 2011. The Barbera d’Alba displayed juicy, red fruit notes pleasantly balanced with the natural acidity that comes with the grape. Unsurprisingly, both wines were ready to be enjoyed now and offered a brief insight into Fenocchio’s elegance in winemaking.
A journey through Giacomo Fenocchio’s wines momentarily transports you to Piemonte and leaves you with a desire to explore the region in the same way the Fenocchio estate has done for many years.
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